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Our practitioners attend various master classes and conferences each year to ensure we provide the most up to date, effective and safest procedures.

The company’s vision is to provide non-surgical procedures to enhance our patient’s appearance using our undetectable techniques.

We promise our clients to feel safe and comfortable in our clinic during all procedures.

Meet the Team


Through a continuous passion for aesthetics, Sarah is the founder of Alda Aesthetics and has advanced experience as a facial aesthetics practitioner working alongside Harley Street practitioners to continuously develop new techniques for her treatments to achieve the best results with a gentle touch.

Sarah specialises in facial remodelling using dermal fillers to treat sunken eyes and cheeks, contour the nose through non-surgical rhinoplasty and increase prominence of the jawline. Using dermal fillers for lip enhancement, Sarah focuses her efforts in achieving results that are tailored to each patients needs through advanced techniques using both cannula and needle and focusing on a natural appearance.

 Using new FDA approved treatments such as microneedling, Sarah is able to treat scarring from acne as well as stretch marks using the best techniques available. 



Compiling a diverse portfolio of  Botulinum Toxin injections and Dermal fillers, Khal specialises in the delivery of excellent aesthetics results to all of his patients. As an independent prescriber, Khalid can also provide various skin treatments for our clients, as well as Obagi skin transformation consultations



Having experience in both the medical industry and business management, Ameer oversee’s the planning and implementing of the strategic direction at Alda Aesthetics. Working in the private healthcare sector providing digital solutions increasing workflow efficiencies and delivering value focused healthcare